Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jake Locker = Kyle Boller = Redskins should pass

*My pal Evan Silva from Rotoworld knows his stuff, but I’d wish he’d get off this Jake Locker-to-the-Redskins at No. 10 talk. I contend that Locker will indeed go in the first round, but to a different team and one a bit closer to where the former University of Washington quarterback starred.

Silva' first sentence about the Washington quarterback reminds me of what draft-niks thought of another Pac 10 quarterback a few years back.

- Silva, on Locker: “Statistically, Locker grades out as an undrafted free agent with a 53.9 career completion rate, 15-25 record, and 6.65 yards-per-attempt average. Athletically, Locker is a picturesque fit for the Shanahans' scheme, which relies heavily on its quarterback making throws outside the pocket.

-Pro Football Weekly, circa 2003, pre-draft report on Kyle Boller. “Had poor stats on a poor team for his first three years, never completing 50 percent of his passes... Played for different offensive coordinators at Cal, but in '02 got to play for a new head coach, Jeff Tedford… putting him in a truly QB-friendly offense that generally required him to read only half the field. The result was Boller completed 225-421-2,815-28-10 (53.4 percent) and Cal had a winning season… Good size, speed and outstanding athletic ability for the position."

The similarities to the Ravens bust are a little to close for my liking. Here’s one more recent take on Locker, from Scout’s Inc. Matt Williamson. He’s talking about rumors the local kid could get selected by the Seahawks, a team that runs a system – while not exact – in the same general family as the one found in the pages of Mike Shanahan’s playbook:

- “He went to school in that area. It is easy to say that is a good fit, but I think Seattle is going more and more to a pure West Coast offense, and Locker doesn't fit the West Coast offense at all.”

Okay, back to that second line of Silva’s Locker commentary: “Athletically, Locker is a picturesque fit for the Shanahans' scheme, which relies heavily on its quarterback making throws outside the pocket.”

Now, here is Williamson taking that aspect a step further (and also sounding a bit like he’s describing the mobile passer who started 13 games here last season):

- "Locker is pretty accurate outside the pocket," Williamson said, "but as far as going 1-2-3 and getting it out, having good footwork, hitting a guy in stride, he is terrible.”

Most agree that Locker is going somewhere in round one and a certain television analyst that loves everyone really loves Locker. Simply put, it seems like the Redskins drafting a not-so accurate quarterback at No. 10 is an awfully big risk with so many other needs available to address. Just a circa 2003 Ravens fan.

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