Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jake Locker = Kyle Boller = Redskins should pass

*My pal Evan Silva from Rotoworld knows his stuff, but I’d wish he’d get off this Jake Locker-to-the-Redskins at No. 10 talk. I contend that Locker will indeed go in the first round, but to a different team and one a bit closer to where the former University of Washington quarterback starred.

Silva' first sentence about the Washington quarterback reminds me of what draft-niks thought of another Pac 10 quarterback a few years back.

- Silva, on Locker: “Statistically, Locker grades out as an undrafted free agent with a 53.9 career completion rate, 15-25 record, and 6.65 yards-per-attempt average. Athletically, Locker is a picturesque fit for the Shanahans' scheme, which relies heavily on its quarterback making throws outside the pocket.

-Pro Football Weekly, circa 2003, pre-draft report on Kyle Boller. “Had poor stats on a poor team for his first three years, never completing 50 percent of his passes... Played for different offensive coordinators at Cal, but in '02 got to play for a new head coach, Jeff Tedford… putting him in a truly QB-friendly offense that generally required him to read only half the field. The result was Boller completed 225-421-2,815-28-10 (53.4 percent) and Cal had a winning season… Good size, speed and outstanding athletic ability for the position."