Monday, April 30, 2012

RG3 Era Begins With Confusing Quarterback Pick (

Addressing the receiving corps in free agency and drafting multiple guards count as positive steps in the new Robert Griffin III (RG3) era.

Passing on a needed tackle, running back or safety in the fourth round for another quarterback – Michigan State’s Kirk Cousins - in RG3’s first season does not.

From the moment the Washington Redskins shipped three first-round picks plus a second-round selection to the St. Louis Rams last month, the plan should have been — and in the eyes of the staff, presumably is — to maximize their new asset’s potential.

I am stumped how adding another passer does that.

As always, team comes first and smart organizations draft talent over need, but within reason. In this case, special consideration should have gone to enhancing the new guy with the power arm, dynamic speed and movie star charisma.

Though RG3’s cool vibe might not suggest a player under pressure, he is. By adding Cousins, the Redskins may have unnecessarily turned up the stress level.

Let’s me make this very clear — without question RG3 is the Redskins’ future.

His present includes joining an offense with a leaky line and a backfield lacking depth. Fourth rounders can help those areas and elsewhere.

The choice certainly will not keep RG3 upright in the pocket, give him a supportive ground game or fix a beatable secondary so he does not have to throw on every down just to keep pace.

Perennial playoff teams with fewer depth chart gaps can take such a luxury pick. The Redskins are still in trying to build a roster. That did not stop Washington from becoming the first team since 1989 to select two quarterbacks in the first four rounds.

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